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Kia 101 Reasons

Why drive a Kia? Through this CRM program, 101 reasons were gradually parsed out through a series of direct mail, email, and social media. Every piece is customized to an individual's future vehicle (determined through customer-supplied responses and ownership data), and their journey in the communication's lifecycle. And landing page tracks all 101 reasons,  constantly updated with new product information, accolades, and features. All told, there were 11 total touch points, for 10 different vehicle models, 2 different audience segments, delivering personalized content at scale.

Presbyterian Healthcare  Will Make You Feel Better

Healthcare is supposed to make people feel better. And while healthcare advertising is great at claiming it, we asked, what if the advertising itself made people feel better? We set out to do that in this Effie-winning campaign: billboards that told people to let people merge because it'll make you feel better. Super simple television spots of kittens sleeping with the title "Naps can make you feel better." Even an annual report comes with a music CD to make people feel better. Before mindfulness and self-care became a thing, Presbyterian Healthcare services was advising people of it. And market testing proved that overall positive perception of Presbyterian Healthcare System reversed from an all-time low to customers preferring them over the competition. And that made everybody feel better.

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